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Quickly locate and launch programs
Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog
Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys
Notifications / Alerts
Task Scheduler

Quickly locate and launch programs, documents, mp3s and other files
   from system folders   (e.g. start menu, quick launch folder), or other
   user defined locations.
Enhanced Start/Run replacement dialog that includes searchable history
Create global or application-specific keyboard hotkeys
Integration with Windows Explorer, to compare directories/files, copy file names,
     launch command prompt, backup folders etc
Captures screenshots in PNG format
Notification alerts (one-off / recurrent alerts)
Task scheduler (one-off / recurrent tasks)
Version:  1.0.0 build 142

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License:  Freeware
Date:  12 Oct 2013
Size  1.15 MB
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Define your own global keyboard hotkeys (shortcuts) for launching applications
  and/or focusing open applications to prevent opening multiple instances
  of a program
Define your own application-specific hotkeys that can map into more complex shortcuts
   in any application.
Global Keyboard hotkeys that allow you to easily search in google, wikipedia,
   newsgroups from any program
Define notifications alerts by time offset or absolute time
Scheduled tasks
Run specific tasks on a specified time or at recurrent intervals
Windows Explorer Integration
- Create Folder (F7)
- One level up (new window) (Ctrl+Backspace)
- Command Line here  (F8)
- Sort by name,size,type,modified (Shift+1,2,3,4)
- Treemap tool (Ctrl+T)
- ScanFS (Ctrl+S)
- Backup folder (Ctrl+[)
- Add to RCS (Ctrl+])
- Preview in ASCII mode (Ctrl+P)
- Open in notepad (or custom editor) (Ctrl+N)
- Mark file or folder #1 (Ctrl+1)
- Execute file or folder #1 + #2 (Ctrl+2)
- Copy all selected file paths (Ctrl+Shift+C)
- Open mirror/backup folder (Ctrl+Shift+B)
- Save icons positions to file (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S)
- Restore icons positions from file (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R)
- Paste clipboard to file (Ctrl+Shift+V)
- Format clipboard as plain text (Ctrl+Shift+T)
- Format clipboard as quoted text (Ctrl+Shift+Q)
Manage screenshots
   Change Log
build 140: 20 Feb 2013
  update: installer updates
build 135: 04 Jun 2012
  update: send keystrokes -> also allows specifying window class name
  bug fix: uninstaller issue
build 112: 12 Sep 2010
  removed desktop.ini from index
build 101: 11 Apr 2010
  alerts: run once
  Windows Explorer: Ctrl+O: create backup file
  Windows Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+[: backup to current folder
  Removed collecting IE7/8 urls
  Fixed access violation in Start/Run
build 092: 24 Dec 2008
  Removed screenshots management
  Interface/Settings rearrangements
build 090: 17 Dec 2008
  WinKey+R lauches enhanced start-run
  Support for Vista OS dialogs. e.g. ctrl+shift+c will copy filenames
build 079: 22 Sep 2008
  Navigate to a registry key from the enhanced start run dialog
build 075: 29 Mar 2008
  windows explorer: ctrl+shift+v pastes a picture from the clipboard into a file
build 068: 30 Nov 2007
  unicode improvements
build 061: 26 Aug 2007
  faster loading of icons using a separate thread
build 058: 23 Jul 2007
  Windows Vista support
  minor bug fixes
build 053: 28 Feb 2007
  initial release
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