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download multiple pictures popup

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    saleen support  22/Jun/13 21:47:53

The issue was related to IE compatibility mode.
This is fixed in both Flickr Downloader and Web Downloader.

    saleen support  13/Apr/13 14:34:17

I think you either do not have .Net Framework 4.0/4.5 Full installed
Maybe you have .Net Framework 4.0/4.5 Client Profile which is the "light" version.

Please download the full version from here:

If you have Windows 7/Vista:
.NET Framework 4.5

If you have Windows XP:
.NET Framework 4.0

    Zen  13/Apr/13 07:25:20

I tried using the webdownloader, but it gives me an error upon install.
Please see:

    dual2001  12/Apr/13 20:05:51

After update from IE9  to IE10 (under Win7) i had the problem with the diappearing download window as described below.

I tried some options in IE10 and find out the issue is der popup-blocker from IE10. If i deaktivate it the window will no longer disappear.
If you need the popup-blocker you can allow popups for ""...

    saleen support  30/Mar/13 14:27:15

I just tested with win 7 x64 / ie 10 and it works OK from my machine.
I am not sure what the problem is.
Could you please give WebDownloader are try?


    Rouxenator  23/Mar/13 18:18:07

Ok thanks, hope it will work again soon.

    saleen support  21/Mar/13 23:39:15

Dear Rouxenator,

Please allow me a few days to prepare a win 7 / ie 10 environment, and I will post back.

    Rouxenator  21/Mar/13 23:22:22

Not working since I upgraded to IE10 on Windows 7 64bit ultimate.

    saleen support  17/Mar/13 21:37:24

IE9 is not the suspect here.
Can you share a clean link that causes this behavior?
Also please your windows version.

In any case please give web downloader a try. I am focusing my efforts in that program, and I think it will work better.

If it works for you please let me know. Any other feedback is more than welcome.

Which is the other download  ripper you used to use?


    drnemoga  17/Mar/13 20:21:51

I'm not sure when it began for me, but like others below, the Flickr downloader multiple downloader window will not stay open; when it does it will show momentarily then disappear similar to a pop-up window attempting to open then is abruptly closed. I tried disabling pop-up suppressors, reboots, cleaning out the caches and temp files, etc. It will stay open if I open it for the first time, but once I sign in, it will disappear, or if I am able to sign in, I cannot navigate to any other page within my own page, let alone to any other site.

One possibility: I am using IE9--is there a possible compatibility problem? I had not used the downloader in several months.

I was not aware of Saleem Web Downloader: I've been looking for another web batch downloader for a long time as my favorite freeware ripper does not work well on some sites. I will give it a try.

I've used Flickr Downloader for several years--it is by far the best of the freeware programs I've found to do this.


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