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[announcment] Moving back to pre-600 builds

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  user 917796.png  fred  13/Nov/17 11:31:57

not now it isn't, and when it was crashed my pc

  user img-045.png  saleen support  13/Nov/17 10:03:20

>>"Noticed 540 has message
Was fixed a few days ago

May I ask why you are still on Windows 8.1 (given that upgrade is free)?

  user 908557.png  Fred  05/Nov/17 11:59:03

Noticed 540 has message to please upgrade to 600 which currently a bit of a catch 22.

  user 908527.png  fred  05/Nov/17 11:31:18

And you can't upgrade IE 11 in Windows 8.1 as no upgrade available,

  user 908474.png  fred  05/Nov/17 11:07:30

Get same message too. Lots of programs not keen on IE11 (as per Windows 8.1)

  user img-045.png  saleen support  05/Nov/17 10:28:11

Forced post-600 builds will be downgrated to stable build 540+.

For the record post-600 builds are still available for beta testers 

Pre-600 builds are available to all.

Incidentally I just noticed build 540 shows this message:


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