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[announcment] Moving on to build 620

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    saleen support  17/Sep/17 09:16:22

updated pre 600 build with memory leak fixes

    saleen support  07/Sep/17 14:26:22

thanks for the feedback.
will investigate

    user 855155  07/Sep/17 12:45:45

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad running Win10 64bit
When clicking on a Flickr Member, the preview page goes to that person's photos, but the Address Bar on top stays at without ever recognizing that the URL has changed from the main Page to a Member's Page.

If, on the other hand, the URL is actually Typed or Pasted into  the Address Bar, the Pop-up and Download functions work, but the Preview Page does not change

It's as if the Upper and Lower functions are Disconnected from one another.

hope 538 still works right .



    saleen support  02/Sep/17 06:26:16

Users of build <600 will not be notified to upgrade to build >=620

This is a huge step forward over build 538.
It no longer uses the old Internet Explorer embedded browser, but the Chrome one.

If for any reason you notice any issues:

1. describe the issue here so that I can address it

2. switch back to latest pre 600 build

Old version download link

How to install build 538 over 620.

You can install build 538 over 620.
No uninstall is required.

a) download the installer from
a) run the installer 
b) click on install
That's all



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