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Latest program updates not reported??

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  user img-045.png  saleen support  10/Nov/11 12:10:28

Hi Fred,
Thanks for the feedback.

Saleen Updater does not recognize individual applications,
and it does not have a built-in list of applications.

It only scans your start menu, and desktop for links to .exe programs.

I will install Advanced System Care 5 (Iobit) in a Virtual PC and see
how it it reported.

  user 346954.png  fred  09/Nov/11 19:53:08

Ran Updater and it picked up from my computer Advanced System Care 5 (Iobit)
but only reported 2 seperate internal components of the program (Turbo Boost and Toolbox).
Does your program only search for a fixed list of progams as I have other programs it
does not pick up??

Apologies if this thread appears twice as at time of writing my previous entry spontaneously disappeared from your forum (server error).


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