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Private groups

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    fred  19/Sep/16 11:24:39

Also confirmed by following your 'link' instructions and 4.5.2 (379893) is there.

    fred  19/Sep/16 10:02:44

Yes have that as update Windows regularly and is listed as an update.

Others may not be so up to date so is that a potential/actual problem??

There is still a major downgrade in performance if I go with 526.

    saleen support  19/Sep/16 08:32:26

I was talking about other issues that users reported, not the startup issue.

Btw for the startup thing can you tell if you have .net framework 4.5.2 (4.5 is not enough)

If you want please see this:


    fred  19/Sep/16 06:46:53

512 gives instant program start up compared with very slow, paused 526 at this end

so not sure how others are getting the reverse effect if they in fact do.

Also requires multiple 'double clicks' to get program to start up and only noticed it with 526.

    fred  19/Sep/16 06:19:11

Don't go anywhere near 'Private' Groups and have problems, but you could still be right.

    saleen support  18/Sep/16 20:27:58

I think the problem with latest builds is related to private groups.
Can some one please help me with this?
Maybe create a small group and add me as member?
Please let me know.


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