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Can you post the last stable non Chrome version?

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    Mark777  02/Apr/17 03:41:20

    fred  19/Sep/16 01:29:49

Almost instant start up compared with build 526, SO WILL USE FOR NOW.

If any similar issues to those occurring in 526 present themselves I will let you know.

    fred  19/Sep/16 01:20:53

Will try and see if problems all go away.

    saleen support  18/Sep/16 15:06:12

Last stable without chrome

    fred  18/Sep/16 09:00:19

As we are no nearer a fix for 526 can you post an alternative non Chrome version.

May be an ongoing problem if you don't support it but will do for the short term.

Sorry can't be more helpful with the strange unresolved  526 issues (those posted after 4th Sept)..

Thanks Fred


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