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Announcement: WebDownloader with Chrome Browser

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    Barnypok  02/Apr/17 02:42:53

    saleen support  02/Sep/16 15:41:56

Can you provide more details?
If you can reproduce with some clean urls, I can check.

Also did this started after a recent program update?
If yes I can point you to a previous version, so that we can see if it behaves OK.


    Harve  02/Sep/16 11:24:56

I'm looking at a flickr account that has over 300 pages
The Webdownloader has only been loading 3, but they're neither the first 3, nor the last 3
It's been this was for Days and it's getting frustrating.

    fred  28/Aug/16 01:56:12

Sticks on 2/2 but not every time.

    saleen support  22/Aug/16 06:51:14

Does it stay on Loading 1/2 or 2/2?

    ieye  22/Aug/16 05:16:17

hm. its stuck on initializing application, loading library again.

    saleen support  18/Aug/16 03:15:40

We are happy to announce WebDownloader which includes the Chrome Browser and it is much more responsive.

Thank you all for the patience and the help.


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