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New build flaky

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  user img-045.png  saleen support  22/Feb/16 14:53:34

Thanks for the feedback.
Had to rush the update for internal reasons.
I will address the issues in next builds.
Would not want to go back.

  user 649445.png  fred  20/Feb/16 18:31:34

Offered and tried this new build 303 but.....

Top line 'tabs' seem to be still under development so confusingly not working or
coming soon, other functions similar so don't see the point of an early release
as no additional working funtionality offered from old.
Has the feel of a very early beta.
Seems to report un-installed programs too!

Tried to go back a version to find installing new version leaves the old version in
Program Files x86 and new in Program Files...not very elegant, leaving the user to 'clean up'.

Did an un-install (windows method) and error  came up so had to do it manually.

Interface a very minor enhancement visually but without much help on what
the new functions are all about (not very intuitive).

On the whole happier with 067.

Maybe withdraw until fixed?


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