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  user 636995.png  fred  20/Jan/16 11:20:21

Thanks for your efforts....Will move on..
Picasa names them different and OK that was what was bugging me.

Regards FRED.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  19/Jan/16 21:40:55

Why not try to focus on other urls also.

i get nice names in the program popup, and consistent names in final filenames.
e.g. F-35 Helmet.jpg etc

  user img-045.png  saleen support  19/Jan/16 21:37:15

Hi I checked the url you sent via the feedback form.
It looks like most of these images do not have a name in flickr album/set and also no name inside the jpg.

All 3 images on the first row have no name.
The 2 first images pn the second row, the same, no name.
The third image on the second row has a name of IMG_3398_2.jpg
Inside the jpg there is no name.

So the program names the first 5 as _00001.jpg, _00002.jpg, _00003.jpg, _00004.jpg, _00005.jpg

and the 6th as IMG_3398_2.jpg

  user 634265.png  fred  15/Jan/16 09:40:15

Sorry but I initially named this thread wrong by putting 'name' in subject box.
Will be more careful in future.

By the way in Picasa it shows the correct name if I look at 'Properties' in Picasa in a field
named 'Title' and maybe it gets the displayed name from there.

Have tried various repeat downloads of the ALBUM that causes the problem in each
case removing the library and the results are not consistant ...views blank sometimes and then
OK next time, file names different and often added file name strings such as _2.0000 or something similar. I am getting more confused as I try to pin it down

The current issue was definately not there when the first download was done although
from 'posts' in the past you were doing tweeks trying to use image internal data
 for naming issues (APR-MAY 2015???).
Strange that ignoring the naming part of the problem images in Webdownloader appear blank
in the Download Multiple Media window when they are viewable with the wrong name after download.
Begining to think the Album has become corrupt for some reason.

I will try to find another program to see if it replicates the issue.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  15/Jan/16 08:43:31

Hi Fred, I got the report.
Btw it will help if picasa issue is in its own thread.

  user 634086.png  fred  15/Jan/16 00:20:32

Noticed in Picasa that when I select the option to view the photo thumbnails with a 'file name'
displayed under the image it displays them all without fail on the 'album' that Webdownloder'
can't manage to. (blanks, image names with _2 attached etc) so it must be getting the correct
name from somewhere.

  user 634077.png  Fred  14/Jan/16 23:11:51

I have sent you a debug dump on the issue.
Might establish something or not!!

  user 631731.png  fred  08/Jan/16 15:47:04

Funny that if I repeat a previous download of any 'non Apple 4s phone' album
they without fail download with no problem (I always delete the library beforehand)
and I always achieve a correct 2nd download with proper naming. This assuming there are no known
Webdownloader issues.

Issue is always with Apple 4s images.
I take on board your comments though and will continue to monitor.

  user 604697.png  Tim  08/Jan/16 11:15:28

I was having that trouble too on the last few updates. I just tried downloading the photos from his posted url and then a few from the photosyream. All of the photos are downloading named correctly. I think the trouble was on Flickr's end. Sometimes I'll go to a photostream and the program says go to a valid page or single photo. then in a day or two the page load fine.

  user img-045.png  saleen support  07/Jan/16 22:08:58

The scenario you describe can happen when the program recovers filenames from inside jpgs, after downloading those.
This information is not available before the jpgs are downloaded.
Which means that it kind of makes sense.


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