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3 bugs in 2 selection page location and selecting pages to download

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    Barnypok  02/Apr/17 02:41:42

    saleen support  06/Dec/15 15:35:12

Great. Glad to hear the issues are fixed.

    Tim  27/Nov/15 09:31:43

The 3 bugs were

the >l defaulting to page 100 not the actually last page

the goto last page (x) from the drop down  page selection button.

the select all pages box not being very large.

I think the first 2 were fixed as one. Then both goto the actually last page..

Sorry for not getting back to you about the 3 indicated problems working fine now, computer crashed.

    saleen support  08/Nov/15 11:51:46

2 points from original message fixed and released. (But title mentions 3 bugs ??)

    fred  06/Nov/15 11:03:48

Computer froze hence all the posts

    fred  06/Nov/15 09:54:07

Understand but more to the point 'Select' what? ...... not clear to the uninitiated!!
So much of the interface has the same issue.

    saleen support  06/Nov/15 07:30:04

The select button has two states: Unclicked and clicked.
This is why it behaves like this. Maybe the "clicked" state it is not very visible to the eye.

Other points noted. 


    fred  05/Nov/15 06:26:51

As the Download multiple media... window can be closed with the top right hand red 'x'
the use of the 'Select' button to achieve this is redundant??

    fred  05/Nov/15 06:19:14

Forgot to mention a minor point that now the select edition nag box has been done away with
to change 'edition' it is not visually obvious you need to click on the current edition banner to re-select the required version.

    fred  05/Nov/15 05:40:06

A simple example of the interface being less than intuitive is the 'Select' box (with the 2 square
blue shaded boxes to the right and left of the 'Select' wording).
When the 'Download multiple media...' window is visible, clicking on 'Select' closes the window!!
Not very obvious from the 'Select' wording.

The small (maybe too small?) row of 5 icons to the right of the URL box have no balloon 'tips' if you hover over them. So again a bit suck it and see.
On the 'go' side of the interface the feature requiring the page selection from the long vertical list of pages is a bit slow and clunky to select a page number....maybe a 'slider bar' would work better to get to the page required quicker.

Seems to me the front end interface functions appear to be a tad randomly scattered with poor overall use of the available space and too small (including text) to promote easy use.

Generally the program delivers unmatchable functionality (not found any program
anywhere near as good) but with a somewhat querky interface.

Feel free to dis-agree.... just offering a personal opinion!! Mean't to be constructive and helpful.

Regards Fred.


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