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Tag system upgrade

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    Swinters  27/May/15 21:40:33

Hello everyone,

I have been missing something... I found out that I was doing to complicated things, dividing my searched tags with ';' or ','. Is seems a simple spacebar does the job. I'm even more happy with the program now. Thanks anyway ;)

Topic could be closed now...

Sincerely, Winters.

Old post:

Hello Saleen programmer(s) and users,

I realy love this program. It is a rarity! I have been looking for ages for a program like this. It helps me a lot in managing my videos. But, if I am not missing something, it seems you can only search for one tag at the time. Which is a limitation I would love to see lifted...

I collect many videos from different people at the same party, to make various videos for people who like one. I give all videos tags with the name(s) of the people and objects in the videos. This helps me a lot with editing. But it would be way easier if I could select multiple tags. For instance, I could select tags 'cutting the cake', 'bride' and 'brides father' and out come the videos I can use for my video.

Again, it might be that this is someway already do-able, but then I haven't figured it out. Otherwise, this might be a nice edition.

I thank you for an allready fantastic program and hope you keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Winters.


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