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How can I make creating a catalog faster?

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    Biff  26/May/15 06:56:15

I tried to began a new thread but it does not work, so I just post it here:

How can one avoid occurring such messages:

When I scan C: those windows are popping up all the time. "Unknown Error".

When I click on "Submit" my new posts mostly are not shown anymore (the right "Message code is entered"). How could I display it the first time I click on "Submit"? Is there another working forum?

    Biff  26/May/15 06:48:18

Thank you very much.

Especially saving a result / database lasts extremely long, some minutes or so.

Many thanks again.

    saleen support  25/May/15 19:13:28

Difficult question. Will need to investigate and get back but will take some time.

    Biff  24/May/15 10:01:21

It takes some time to make a catalog of about 1 million files. Can one somehow make ScanFS scanning faster? And the search as well, it lasts extremely long.

And updating a catalog obviously takes as long as the initial scan.


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