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Multiple keywords in File Statistic

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    saleen support  17/Feb/10 00:21:50

Dear Eiki, You can include multiple keywords separated by space. However all keywords must match. From what I understand you need to apply multiple keywords that should be treated as OR, but I have implemented them as AND. I will see if there is something I can do in a future version.

    Eiki  17/Feb/10 00:14:16

In the File Statistic list, I want to see all the files associated with tmp temp chk and log (easy to delete temp files). In the filename area when I click on the "?" it says "supports multiple keywords". I write log and push filter and the program finds all files with log. Fine. But how to include the other keywords? I want to list all the files with tmp temp chk and log. Please tell me that.Or better. Include a temp files finder. Those files eat up spaces on every hard disk.


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