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Malwarebytes AntiMalware issue

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  user 486758.png  fred  01/Jul/14 14:23:00

I reverted to 1.75 (Pro) as the 2 version in all forms is very buggy and a worry to use.

Another example of a good program being turned into a nightmare and to be avoided for now.

  user 486768.png  Kcolu  01/Jul/14 11:26:36

I uninstalled it and re-installed the

Do have the pro version / paid version

Did give it a month & I think is more than long enough to tolerate the 2.00 one

Could not scan on per file basis any longer (til went back to older one), GUI = icky and can't remember what else as I have been happily back with older one for a couple weeks now

  user 467963.png  Fred  05/Apr/14 20:56:51

Funny after an update to quickly following, Updater reports it now as (was so has been changed in the 'executable' but not to the external version number so seems pointless in chasing them as they obviously have an inconsistant policy on this matter.

  user 465129.png  fred  24/Mar/14 16:39:46

Just ran Updater and it reports the just released version Premuim edition as
version (replaces 1.75)
Even Window8 'Control Panel', 'Programs and Features' reports it as I have posted (!!...
maybe some internal issue?

By the way Webdownloader Build 322 did not fix the 3 false blank images (Copyright etc}
and still endlessly keeps 'Loading' until stopped (That's with my previously posted Url.

Hope this helps.

Oops ..missed your reply...I AM USING W8 64 BIT AND I.E 10.


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