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Flickr Downloader fails to dl all pages

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    Barnypok  02/Apr/17 02:40:30

    saleen support  25/Oct/09 07:48:35

I have set the number of pages for search results to 100. Can someone that could not download more than 7 search pages, provide some feedback please? Thanks

    saleen support  21/Oct/09 19:18:35

I tried on 2 machines and it works fine. I will add a new build in 1-2 days, for you to try something, and see if it works.

    saleen support  19/Oct/09 10:53:14

I will have a look again and let you know by tomorrow

     19/Oct/09 09:33:20

It Still dose not work. the button with the downward arrow is inactive and so I was unable to tell the program to download all pages. Here is a link to a screenshot for you. Flickr will only display so many pages (about 100) before it says "We weren't able to return any more results. You may have reached the limit of how many results we can return. Try changing the sort option or refining your search." So it would be nice if FD can determine how many pages there are based on the number of images returned, you may need to use the API to bypass that message.

    saleen support  19/Oct/09 06:00:21

Ignore the error message. To download more pages I think you have to go to the last page you want to download manually. e.g. go to page 100 and then try "save all pages". Does this work?

     19/Oct/09 00:15:24

I still only gets pages 1-7 but now the messages window pops up and says "10/18/2009 5:18:49 PM: unknown page type: url: 10/18/2009 5:18:48 PM: Closing not found"

    saleen support  18/Oct/09 08:51:51

I have fixed the issue. Please download the latest build (88), and let me know if it works for you.

    saleen support  17/Oct/09 11:31:39

Thank you for the report. It looks like they have added AJAX while browsing pages. I will provide a fix and let you know.

     17/Oct/09 00:52:33

Whether I am doing a fulltext search or searching by tags only Flickr Downloader only downloads pages 1-7. I have provided some search examples but no matter what I search for it only gets the first 7 pages. 1,296,776 items 105,408 items 2,073,733 items 26,844 items


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