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Updated to latest version and problems started

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  img-045.png saleen support  07/Nov/17 09:36:13
Well it was confusing but I had to force a rollback.
We are back to 2 branches.
Pre-600: current build 544 (old internet explorer)
Post-600: current build 627 (chrome)

  908527.png fred  05/Nov/17 11:24:29

Confusing then isn't it!!

Why not pull 625 till it is fixed?

  img-045.png saleen support  05/Nov/17 11:13:22
There is no 626. It is just to notify 625 that there is an update. But 540 is dowloaded instead.
  908474.png fred  05/Nov/17 10:58:30

Mentions 626 available and downloads 540 which is confusing. I assume 626 is

available from download page? Are the issues also fixed in 626?

Assume 540 still best for IE and 626 for Chrome. The fact you can select

either (experimental) in 626 adds to doubts to what to go with and what is fixed in both.

Await advice. Your reply implies 626 not fully fixed yet.

I assume eventually we should all go to  600+ stable builds but not yet??

  img-045.png saleen support  05/Nov/17 10:41:05
I have forced build 540 over build 625.
This will resolve the issue.
  906822.png FRED  03/Nov/17 17:30:16

Doesn't 600 builds have the option (experimental) to choose IE or Chrome?

I can only assume this feature is not yet robust so best to stick with 540 with IE?

Advice please on which to use for IE.

 Is 540 a working option if you use Chrome?

 I assume you are working on the identified missing images in sets

and blank images in pop up preview mode issues in 625?

  img-045.png saleen support  03/Nov/17 16:33:35
Glad to hear that.
Please let me know if something does not work well.

  img-045.png saleen support  03/Nov/17 16:32:41
Hi Fred,
pre-600 builds are using Internet Explorer.
where post-600 are using Chrome.

539 was set to expire so 540 removes the expiration.
  894339.png INRI  03/Nov/17 16:23:17

Build 540 is working correctly, still without problems. :)

Thanks for support
  906242.png fred  03/Nov/17 01:45:50

539  better, 600 series has ongoing problems already mentioned on here.

Not clear what 600 is mean't to achieve as bugs persist and cannot assume it

will display or download all content selected.What does 540 fix?

Recent sparse support not helping with confidence in the product.

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