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To get full TreeMap twice a reinstallation is required

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  img-045.png saleen support  02/Aug/12 13:37:53
Dear  Rene,

I am glad to hear you like FilePro.

When you first start the the program (after an installation) it automatically scans drive C:\ for you.

For any subsequent runs you will need to press the "Scan" button.
This is located at the top row of the program, about in the middle.

Please let me know if this works.
  -100.png Rene SATOS  02/Aug/12 13:11:34
This is a great application. I installed it on my grandson's PC to solve a disk space problem. It helped me to find the files I couldn't find otherwise and allowed me to copy these files on an USB hard disk.
Unfortunately when I tried to run it a second time I didn't see these files again. As a consequence I reinstalled the application, home edition, again and did see these files again after the first run but then I tried again a second run and the same problem appeared.
Question? is there a way to solve that problem; if yes how?
Thanks in advance for your recommendations and have a great day.
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