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This issue remains?

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  834015.png fred  06/Aug/17 19:29:04

OK, just thought the scrolling box method (up to 61 currently) more convenient but maybe

not much in it. No big deal.

Thanks for all your recent efforts, still the best out there!!

  img-045.png saleen support  06/Aug/17 17:19:17
what if you just manually type the page in the top-right box and press "go"
will not that work for you?

  833743.png fred  05/Aug/17 15:03:51

Just spotted, you may have missed from recent posts or be addressing in a future build:

On 'Download Muultiple Media Items' screen if I for example am viewing a set of 154 pages the 'Go to' "box area displays 1>, 2>, 154. If I want to go to any page up to 61 it is easily selectable in the'154'" goto box but after 61 it only displays 'Go to last page'. So what about pages 62 to 153?

Can't see an easy way to 'go to' say page 134 without a faff incrementing pages 1
at a time. Think this has been an issue for lots of builds prior to 618 and 500 series too.
If I am missing the obvious please advise.

Nice work to date.

Regards Fred

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