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Select:, Select n, Select Curr buttons

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  833741.png fred  05/Aug/17 14:48:07

Seems fine now.

Nice to see you back as your old self.

Regards Fred

  833741.png fred  05/Aug/17 14:48:04

Seems fine now.

Nice to see you back as your old self

Regards Fred

  img-045.png saleen support  05/Aug/17 05:56:24
Hi Fred,

1. Build 600+/CEF is supposed to be similar to functionality.
I am glad it works for you. Please keep using these builds.

2. Thanks for confirming forums are OK

3. -Select:, -> select all
- Select n,  -> select next
-Select Curr -> select current

will be fixed in next release
update: fixed

4. in build 600+ you should be able to see the 2 fixed from other thread also
  a) text over button
  b) selected items not reflected on "save selected (0)" button

Can you please confirm?

Thanks a lot

  833534.png Fred  04/Aug/17 19:29:31

What do these blue buttons do?

Don't seem to do anything when I try to fathom it out. Needs a a hint added to interface

as not intuitive? to me anyway. (one of my moans ref Webdownloader generally!!)

Looks like Forum is fixed now.

Otherwise apart from a few interface tweaks 618 looks good but apart from Chrome/IE functionallity not any different to 500 build series. Unless you know different.

Posting reluctant to 'Submit' hence double post

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