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528 bug still in 535.

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  img-045.png saleen support  05/Aug/17 10:48:50
both are fixed in 619.

  831675.png fred  01/Aug/17 13:33:00
  831675.png fred  31/Jul/17 20:14:02

Item I raised in 528 version posting is still evident in version 535 Reposted below.

"Noticed in the 'Download multiple media items' window the text above the 'Save selected' button overruns the box below when 100 items are selected. Namely text: Total items: 100, New: (100)...the '100' in brackets lies over the 'Save selected (0)' box. Not elegant."

Also what ever number of items are selected for download the 'Save selected=0 remains unchanged. They do however download correctly. 

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