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Continued Webdownloader support with Flickr's new zip download feature?

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  img-045.png saleen support  15/Sep/17 19:27:38
is the download zip available for your photos only or for other people's photos?

In any case the zip feature will not affect WebDownloader's development.
  778224.png fred  04/Apr/17 06:13:03
bumped back up
  763281.png fred  04/Mar/17 08:37:12

Just wondered if you will be continuing development/updating of Webdownloader now Flickr have introduced a bulk download feature for users to retrieve their photo's by Zip file?

Not tried it as sounds clunky and not very user friendly with little fexibility compared with Webdownloader.

Hope you continue, but your recent absense from this forum has raised my doubts probably needlessly.

Love to be re-assured as it's a great program.

Regards Fred.

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