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Lot of updates

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  715723.png Fred  28/Sep/16 12:54:29

Not for me it wasn't as Chrome version had issues other than speed and on my set up was SLOWER.

Current set up Win 8.1 64BIT,Intel i5 2.7- 3.1 Ghz,  8gb Ram, NVidia GT 635M graphics.

  img-045.png saleen support  28/Sep/16 12:45:44
Dear Jos Alva
You can switch to the chome version by downloading build 526.
Was working nicely for me as well.
  img-045.png saleen support  28/Sep/16 12:45:05
Thanks fred i will check.

  715710.png fred  28/Sep/16 12:07:19

To be fair a lot of the updates are required because Flickr keeps changing things and to maintain a working program Saleen has to tweek the program.

The current build is the best program out there in it's field and I have not found anything to even come close.The delay in displaying thumbnails is quite acceptable on my Intel i5 8Gb ram mid range laptop, but of course yours may not be as fast depending on specification. Apart from the Chrome version (now withdrawn) I am happy with it ( build 527) as is.

Saleen's response to issues arising is also as good as it gets. Often 'fixed' in a matter of hours....who else delivers that level of customer support!!!

Just did a TEST... and an album of 50 photo's took about 40 seconds for all thumbnails to appear and a 250 photo album took about 4.5 mins WHICH DOES APPEAR TO BE A FAIR BIT LONGER THAN USUAL so maybe SOMETHING HAS CHANGED recently as not noticed such an issue around 500 to 512 builds.

Maybe Saleen can comment if this performance is as would be expected with 527 build? Don't want Chrome version back as speed was worse if anything to 527.

  715688.png Jos Alva  28/Sep/16 07:53:38
Why  you have to update this  before great program every other day?     older versions were very stable and fast downloading,  now this program take  a long time to show thumbnails before start downloading and slows my PC..     

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