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Any update on build 526 recent issues?

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  711367.png fred  13/Sep/16 20:18:45

Not absolutely sure but I think it was. (didn't use it much but had no problems I can recall).

Not a big fan of Chrome so my view is if it ain't broke (520) why fix it? Program start up definately

takes longer with 526 although not a big issue unless you get a 2/2 freeze/pause which happens


My laptop is an Intel i5 mid range processor, 8 gb ram and no noticable speed improvement with 526 (maybe even slower).

Can you post a link to 520 as I would like to revert and also maybe make past recent versions permanently

listed and downloadable from the site?

As per my post mention (namely 'lost the ability......' post) what are the 2 new upward sloping green 'progress' bars doing?

Most odd as they continue  'working' after a download has completed.

  img-045.png saleen support  13/Sep/16 19:01:00
No progress.
From what I experience on 3 pcs i cannot reproduce the issues.

Not sure if it is something with

E.g. is 520 better than 526?
If yes then it must be Chrome.

  711350.png fred  13/Sep/16 14:59:37

Any progress on understanding and fixing the various issues raised in recent


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