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Saleen Except -WpfApplicationBrowserCx ??

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  img-045.png saleen support  17/Sep/17 09:15:17
this has been fixed.
  725025.png Mark  28/Oct/16 03:47:03

I have had NO further occurences of this problem with v528 x64.

Seems to have been fixed.

thank you
  713711.png Mark  21/Sep/16 13:06:06
an attempt at resizing the screendump example

  713707.png Mark  21/Sep/16 12:58:24

fyi, an example using v526 x64

I cannot close the message box, it keeps reappearing and I need to close the program

  713191.png fred  19/Sep/16 06:13:49

Had another error event......

Message "Browser Time out" followed by....

"Webrowser...Cx" in a full white screen.

Your 'Chrome' solution is making it even slower than before at this end.

  img-045.png saleen support  18/Sep/16 20:22:09
From my experience (and other users), in recent weeks/months the program's interface become very slow.
Since the webbrowser and the main user interface run in the same thread, I needed to separate the 2.
Now each one runs in its own process.

The two strange progress bars indicate the health status of both threads.
It was a way for mean to say if the approach I took to solve it, was working.

If the 2 bars are moving it is a good sign.
In older builds, there was only one bar and was moving very slow.
  713000.png fred  18/Sep/16 13:13:21

On trying got error "CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess has stopped working" but as trying to force it may not be related to "Cx" issue and more to do with multiple double clicks to start up program which can lead to "Cx............." issue. Use a long delay between double clicks so not to make the error show up unintentionally but still trying to start up program correctly if you get my drift.

"WpfApplicationBrowserCx" is mentioned on black screen if it does come up.

As asked before what are the two upward slanting green progress bars on the GUI all about?

  712998.png fred  18/Sep/16 13:04:18

Not easily reproducile. Only anti virus is Windows Defender. Will try.

  img-045.png saleen support  18/Sep/16 11:10:02
Can you post a screenshot?
The message does not say much,

Do you have any antivirus software?
  712760.png fred  17/Sep/16 21:31:40

I get it too, generally after Webdownloader requires multiple double clicks to start the program.

Seems to be a pain to start up (no response) since build 526.

Needs a revert back to a stable version as it is becoming a pain to get it to

work as per earlier versions. Not sure it is all CHROME browser related as problem starts

before the 1/2, 2/2 browser loading sequence.

How about a response...Saleen......Needs a revert or fix of all the recent posted problems as this

build is a backward step.

Win 8.1 Home 64bit, I.E. 11

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