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Video frames generation problems, DX and VLC not working

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  640452.png radar  29/Jan/16 13:12:53
Dear Saleen Support,

yes, it seems I had the 64bit version of VLC installed. After installing the 32bit version, frame generation with VLC is now working. Thank you for that.

Do you have also an idea about the problems with the DX generation I have? Or should I not worry about that and just go with VLC. Is there a performance difference between DX and VLC?

Best regards, radar
  img-045.png saleen support  29/Jan/16 12:50:11
Hi radar,
Do you have the 64bit VLC player?

If yes this is not currently supported but is coming soon.
  640452.png radar  29/Jan/16 11:45:33
Oh, and I forgot:
Video Manager version is, x86
  640452.png radar  29/Jan/16 11:35:18
Dear Saleen Software.

Video frame generation is not working for me, neither with DX or VLC.

With DX, after one frame generated, the generation stops and I get a .NET error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow (Full error message:

With VLC, when I start the generation, the GUI states immediately Failed.

The VLC option also did not work in the beginning, it stated that VLC is not installed, although it was. And although I'm using a 64bit Windows, the paths in the registry below of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node did not exist. I copied them from below of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE. After that I could select the option VLC in the Video Manager, but it does not work.

My Environment:
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
VLC 2.2.1
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 11.8.5

If you could help me, I would be very thankful, I would really like to use the Video Manager with frames.

Best regards, radar

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