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Spelling error in interface

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  img-045.png saleen support  19/Nov/17 09:20:43
both 32bit and 64bit VLC are supported
  632503.png fred  10/Jan/16 16:30:49
"Quote" "If the program allowed you to switch to VLC then it recognized the presence of VLC."

Not true if you don't go ahead and support 64 bit........
  632494.png fred  10/Jan/16 15:51:25
The install directory for 64 bit is "Program Files" not the "x86" version.

Maybe put a note that 32 bit is required until you support it.
Not sure what the real world benefit is of 64bit only installed it because my Windows IS 64BIT.

I used your link to VLC download but of course chose 64 bit from the options available.

Hope this doesn't take too much time out from 'sub directories and global zoom' in Webdownloader...FEEBLEJ JOKE!!!

Hope this helps.

  img-045.png saleen support  10/Jan/16 15:40:26
Currently I only support VLC 32 bit.
I will check the 64 bit version and if it works OK I will add support for it.
  632494.png fred  10/Jan/16 15:28:11
Even stranger....
Currently just have VLC 2.2.1 64 BIT loaded (no Video Manager at moment).
Current system is Windows 8 64 bit.

Did a 'regedit' as familiar with it and in your destination no mention of VLC????
Is it a different destination for the 64 BIT VERSION of VLC AND THIS IS THE PROBLEM??

VLC works so it is installed.
Will try VLC 32 bit and see if it works.
  img-045.png saleen support  10/Jan/16 14:16:54
Very strange. I installed VLC while VideoManager was running, and recognized it without program restart.

What OS do you have? Is it 32 or 64 bit

Are you familiar with regedit
If yes, could you do me a favor.

Navigate to

and check the value data of value "InstallDir"

Mine is 
C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

  632474.png fred  10/Jan/16 14:03:45
Not used it for a while so did a re-install from scratch. (VLC not loaded at this point).
As per instuctions downloaded VLC 2.2.1 from within program and switched to VLC
mode (may have been other way round). Any action prompted the response that VLC
was not available. Rebooted program and still not recognised. Rebooted laptop and ran
Video Manager joy. Un-installed VLC and re-installed again. Restarted
Video Manager (VLC mode selected) again nothing.

If you give me the correct sequence from scratch to enable VLC I will try that as it
is not clear how it needs to be done to get it to recognise VLC and work.

Regards fred.
  img-045.png saleen support  10/Jan/16 10:40:38
Hi. Spelling fixed internally thanks.

About VLC: maybe it is something that is not clear in the GUI.
If the program allowed you to switch to VLC then it recognized the presence of VLC.

So please clarify when exactly does the program ask you to install VLC?
What happens when you try to generate frames?

  632257.png fred  10/Jan/16 00:54:00
Yes it was set to VLC mode on the interface.
  632257.png fred  10/Jan/16 00:39:35
Can't get it to recognise VLC is installed...tried install from program, restarting laptop
and restarting Video Manager with VLC running and closed and it asked me to install VLC on
both occasions. Reinstalled VLC and still no joy. Maybe I'm missing how to tell it where to look but
it was installed in thr default directory?.

Obviously doing something wrong...Any advice?

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