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Multiple Storeage Drivers Problem

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  img-045.png saleen support  13/Nov/15 07:48:19
Thank you my friend.
Glad to hear that it also works for you.
Enjoy the day :)

  614170.png Zmiester  13/Nov/15 07:22:02
You are the best person in the world :D
It works like a charm.
The update solved it completly
Thank you so much!!
  img-045.png saleen support  12/Nov/15 08:55:03
Hi please try the latest version (build 354).

Here is how to make it work the first time.

1. Attach a removable media 
2. Rescan the library

Repeat for each removable media

Then when you detach it it should show frames.

Please let me know how it goes. Thanks

  614760.png Zmiester  11/Nov/15 18:18:33
Looking forward to it, TY
  img-045.png saleen support  11/Nov/15 15:40:22
Thanks for the kind words.
I will investigate and write back.
  614735.png Zmiester  11/Nov/15 15:28:18
Hello guys, I have my videos distributed between 5 external hardrives , and first things first i connected them 1 by one and generated screencaps for all the videos and they (The screencaps) are stored locally on my computers drive not the external one. My problem is that i would like to search a keyword in the generated database for a file and just look at the screencaps that i generated.The search gives me multiple files that are spread over many external drives and the software only allows me to view the screencaps of the files whose external hardrive im connectled at the moment not the rest of them.I know i can view them in the appdata folder but that is too much work as i have +10k files :P . I used to be able to do this in build 136 but i updated like 2 days ago and had to regenerate all the videos and now i ended up with this problem. Any help is much appreciated thanks.

Love this software btw.
Best ive used by a mile.
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